Oh my gag

For those of you who haven’t realized the zend that is Maddox , let me clue you in. He recently tore apart 26 Things That A Perfect Guy Would Do.

This is a perfect followup to the other post today. I’m guilty of doing some of these things, but not *all* the time. I think that’s where girls and guys part ways in the world of reality. Guys do it so girls will like them not realizing that girls want them to act like that all the time and vice versus.

Lauren and I get huffy from time to time over this exact thing. I fart, she hates it. She “cuddles” (read keeps me awake) with me at night, I hate it. She expects massages and I expect her to make decisions from time to time, neither of which happen. What keeps us together is that we at least *attempt* to work with each other on these issues. I love Lauren to death, but God almighty I wish she could decide on a place to eat once in awhile.

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