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I finally figured out what happened to the RAID array at work. As I had suspected a high I/O script was causing the array to barf. I turned off the script for now and plan on optimizing it in the near future (along with the bajillion other things I need to get done, but don’t have enough time in the day for).

With the site going up and down frequently over the last few days due to this rogue script we haven’t really been able to get a sense of whether the new site is working out well or not. We’ve taken a few orders and hopefully, after we mail our old customers about the new site, we will take a few more. The good news is that the people who are buy are buying laptops (our bread and butter at ACI). The bad news is that we need to do a lot of search engine optimization or we face losing a lot of search engine traffic.

One thing that I’ve really noticed since I started working at ACI is that being a sysadmin and being a programmer are very much TWO fulltime jobs. I’ve focused on launching the new site, which has meant ignoring my sysadmin duties for the last month or two, which means my sysadmin TODO is about as tall as me (I’m 6’5”). Since I’m graduating I’ll have plenty of free time to figure things out though.

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