Human Evolution Attributed to Laziness

How many times have you heard that someone is “driven”? I’ve been called that among many other things. What has bugged me about it is the fact that, even though many consider me driven, I consider myself one of the most lazy people on the planet.

Think about all of the great inventions in mankind. Let’s start with the wheel. Man was too lazy to carry around stuff so he created the wheel. In the middle ages man was so lazy someone created the guillotine because the executioner was too lazy to use a sword. In the last century we’ve created cars, computers, dish washers, and a slew of other devices. Why? Because we’re lazy.

All of this stems from a conversation I had today at my girlfriend’s grandparent’s house. Her mom asked if we needed an electric can opener. An electric can opener?!? How lazy is that? In fact there are enough people willing to pay upwards of $50.00 just so they can forego opening a can opener with a human powered one.

Many may argue that man has created all of these wonderful inventions in the name of efficiency. If this was the case then we wouldn’t be driving SUV’s and creating tons of waste (per person) each year.

One can take this a step further and say that the eventual evolution will, in fact, lead to The Matrix. In the movie humans are kept at rest in a computer generated world. I know a fair share of people who would love to live in such an environment as long as they had some control over it.

Am I any better being the cynic? No. I’ve spent hours upon hours writing the code that drives this website when in reality it saves me little time in posting entries to my blog. Now get off your lazy ass and go about making it possible to be lazy (recursion?).

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