At odds with myself

Sometimes I confuse myself. I’m constantly fighting with myself over issues that I face. The son of a hard working middle class Midwesterner is constantly at odds with the well read, socially active, soon-to-be college graduate.

In other words I swing widely from left to right. I believe in abortion, but I think there should be limitations placed on it. I believe we should have a large military, but I don’t think it should be used proactively. I believe in welfare, but I don’t think people should get a free ride.

I guess some would say I’m smack in the middle of most political issues, which is why I label myself a realist. Which is why I’m sad when people label themselves “left” or “right.” The reality is that the world will never free of pollution (although we can take measures to drastically reduce it) and that the world isn’t about to, collectively, find Jesus (although many of the principles taught in the Bible about living peacefully are great words of wisdom).

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