Bodies? What Bodies?

I just ran across an amazing recount of media censorship during the first Gulf War. Evidently, Cheney, our current Vice President (has anyone seen or heard from this guy lately?), was ruthless in managing the media during the first Gulf War.

As Applewhite photographed the carnage, he was approached by U.S. Military Police who ordered him to leave. He produced credentials that entitled him to be there. But the soldiers punched Applewhite, handcuffed him and ripped the film from his cameras.

The article also mentions how the Pentegon repeatedly touted a 98% success rate of the Tomahawk missle and the precision of “smart bombs.” What they neglect to say is that only 6% of the munitions dropped during the first Gulf War were smart bombs and that in 1999 the Navy confessed the Tomahawks were, in reality, only about 10% effective.

Something I’m just now realizing is that GWI was ran by the same people in charge of GWII. I suppose their still pissed they didn’t get the oil the first time around.

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