Scary Clowns

I went to Taco Bell for lunch today and ordered my new favorite, the Zesty Chicken Bowl with no beans. I sat down to find four clowns. Yes clowns in full clown garb chatting it up eating lunch at Taco Bell.

What I found so odd about this was the topic of their conversation. From what I could gather they were clowns who went around to churches preaching the gospel to youngsters. Futhermore, they were having a discussion about their sex lives. The hilarity of listening to a bunch of bible thumping church clowns talk about their first kiss was enough to make me burst.

Of course my gutter mind starts to wander about the given sex crazed church clowns and I’m soon picturing clowns, in full clown garb, having intimate relations. Maybe this explains why there are so damn many clowns in those cars. It’s hard enough to manage in a regular car, much less a mini. Needless to say I had a shitty grin on my face the whole time I was eating.

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