I’ve been doing some research on WAP and WML. While searching on how to create WBMP image files I ran across a story, written in 2000, that predicted more than half of all web content would be viewed from wireless devices. Here we are in the beginning of 2003 and I’ve still yet to use WAP for anything more than looking up movie times.

Since I recently purchased a chatboard for my T68i I have become interested in programming my own WAP applications. Mainly so I can read my IMAP email and post to this blog from the road at anytime. While figuring out how to do this I found this superb primer on building interactive WAP applications. When I get things working I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I’d have to believe the blog community would be very interested in being able to blog from their cell phones.

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  1. hello

    did you ever develop any WAP APPs? I am only looking at this part of the programming world now and wondering if it is still too early to bother.


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