I'd like a triple with cheese

I eat meat. Being born and raised in the midwest means that you eat meat and lots of it. I came accross this article that points out many animals are killed while harvesting vegetables. The author’s references can be found here and here. The point I’d like to make is that neither vegan nor meat eating are humane eating standards. With vegan thousands and thousands of field animals (squirrels, skunks, etc.) are killed and forced from habitats. With meat eating harmless cows are killed everyday. This means, in my opinion, that the moral issue is null. Either way innocent animals are killed so we can live.

I won’t argue with the other side of the argument, which says being a vegan is more healthy. Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Jersey Giant aren’t the best ways to reach phsyical nirvana. However, many studies have shown that living without any kinds of meat, milk, or cheese can lead to serious deficiencies in calcium and iron.

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