Airport Enabled Tivo

Since I recently sold my old Samsung I300 I’ve decided to purchase a TiVo. Being the geek that I am and knowing the hackability of these awesome little devices I went to Google to see what kind of hacks I could find. I found a plethora of TiVo knowledge at the Complete TiVo FAQ. This covers everything from upgrading the hard drives to installing NIC’s.

So where to go from here? TiVo is running a special on their refurbished 60hr series 2 recievers for $149 (USD) right now, which is pretty darn cheap. Follow that up with a TiVo AirNET card and you have a wireless TiVo just BEGGING to be hacked! All for less than $250.00! I can already see that I’ll be spending a lot of time pimping out my TiVo (wonder if Debian has been ported). Wonder if you’ll hear me complaining about my TiVo being hacked in the near future …

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