The road ahead

After finishing a group project which included a Visual Basic program with a MS Access backend, a 90 page resource paper on said project, and a ten minute presentation on said project, I’ll be spending the rest of tonight celebrating at various bars throughout Ypsilanti.

With only 6 credits left until graduation, 3 being Art Appreciation, I’ve been thinking more and more what I’m going to do with my life. Luckily, Lauren has another year left, giving me one more year to ponder what I’ll become. My initial thoughts are towards world domination, but I’m more realistic than that.

I think I’ll end up working part time at my current place of employment while growing Jerum into something I can live off of. So if you are a small business owner looking for a web presence let me know. Other plans include taking a few days off to go to Hawaii, Las Vegas, and possibly Europe.

This leads me to another thing I’ve noticed. I haven’t travled nearly as much as I have wanted to. It’s overwhelming how many places there are in the world that I haven’t been to or experienced. I’m thankful Lauren likes travelling, since we’ll be doing a lot of it together in the near term.

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