The best unknow band right now

I’m not known for being the person that listens to the coolest bands before they become cool, but I’ve found a gold mine. I just finished reading a recent interview on the band Injected who I first saw opening for Default.

When I first saw them I was instantly struck by their amazing stage presence. You can just tell they truly love playing for the audience. The best quote in the article follows.

You want to get back at someone who treated you badly in school? Show up at your high school reunion driving a Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL. That’s revenge.

When they came to Detroit I got to meet the band and get their autographs. They were very cool guys without a doubt. They have a fresh sound that is an interesting mix of powerful lyrics and heave metal solos. If these guys don’t become stars it will truly be an injustice. You can pick up their CD from

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