Sys Admin goes AWOL

In a stunning example of what system administrators should not do, a former PaineWebber system administrator set up a logic bomb within PaineWebber’s computer network. Essentially when the bomb was “triggered” the network would go down. The sys admin even had the bright idea to purchase over $20k in put options.

Systems administrators should follow a strict code of ethics at all times. Having access to a mountain of personal information can be tempting at times. The above story also brings up an interesting question: Could he be charged with cyber-terrorism?

In other hacking news a student in California gets an A in hacking for hacking into his school’s computer system. What I find funny is that the student changed his 4.0 GPA to a 1.9. What’s interesting is that this was not only school sponsored, but the school is actively working with the student to close the security holes in their system.

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