Elephant in the Room

There has been a lot of controversy lately about Lott’s remarks about how the US would have been a better place if Thurman had been president. I’ve avoided writing up a story on this because it’s such a hot topic in today’s news. Personally, I don’t think Lott should be in a leadership position, but we have to realize that an entire state liked him enough to keep him in office all of these years.

Lott’s history of racism is long and well documented. From his college days trying to keep blacks out of his fraternity to most recently voting against the Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act. The country can complain all they want, but the reality of it all is Lott is where he is today because of the population of Mississippi.

In other racial news, David Duke pledges to become Bubba’s new dance partner. Evidently, misleading the IRS is a bad thing to do. Here is another wakeup call to people who think the race issue is over: David Duke was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives after having been head of the KKK.

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