Cheating and … Cheating

Lauren makes fun of me about my love for the TV drama “Law and Order.” While I think it’s plot twists, engaging court drama, and great acting make it a hit, Lauren says it’s “corny.” One thing I have learned from “Law and Order” is that I have the right to remain silent. This may no longer be the case. A city in California is attempting to challenge the right to remain silent. In the story the police shoot a guy five times, in the eyes, spine, and legs, and then proceed to question him while he is crying in pain. The scariest part is the federal government is backing this in an effort to help the “War on Terror.” Just one more reason to move to Canada.

In other news there is a new study out that suggests cheating on your spouse could strengthen your marriage. Being one of the lucky kids whose parents did not get divorced, I find this disturbing. I thought marriage was about trust and devotion. Maybe I’m wrong.

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