Yay for CSS

I have successfully moved to version 5.1, which includes NO TABLES! This was accomplished using XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2. If you look at the source of this page you will notice the lack of tables. I really dived into CSS this time and have to admit I enjoy working on it. For the most part Internet Explorer and Mozilla render the same when using well formed XHTML and CSS2, which is a shocker. For those of you who remember with pain the days when IE and Netscape wouldn’t render a page the same way to save your life, this is a godsend. One thing to note is that for the print version of the news it doesn’t modify the XHTML at all, thanks to the wonders of CSS. This voyage into XHTML/CSS has lead me to look into other protocols such as RSS and SOAP. I’m not sure yet what I plan on doing with them, but I can say that I am interested in doing something with them. Possible options include search integration with Google and Amazon, thanks to SOAP. Maybe I’ll create a SOAP backend for this site for fun letting you query my DB via a SOAP interface. Of course no one would ever use it, but it would still be fun to play with.

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