Reality TV Going Too Far?

I remember reading, with great interest, Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In it the book describes, among other things, video walls that cover entire sides of the living room. What was playing on them? Why someone else’s living room! The main character’s wife even goes so far to nag him about purchasing more video walls. What seemed absurd at the time doesn’t seem so absurd now.

The story above tells how shame, not sex or violance, is the easiest way to score ratings with today’s TV audience. Duh. We’ve been having fun shaming our neighbors, classmates, and coworkers via gossip and idle rumors for years now. I’m surprised the TV executives are just now realizing this.

In other news, it’s official, I have no life. I spend the majority of my time in committee meetings, working, and programming a mind numbing school project in VB. What little free time I do have I gladly spend with Lauren or hanging out with my fraternity brothers. Sigh. I can’t wait to graduate and become an adult. The funny part about that is that as soon as I become an adult I’ll be wishing I was back at college. Just more proof you can’t win no matter what.

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