Bluetooth Gadget / New Cell Phone

I’ve been reading the buzz about Bluetooth for a few years. Like most others I wondered if this seemingly amazing technology would ever find its way into the mainstream. The answer is “Yes.” Everything from bluetooth printers to mice and keyboards are scheduled to come out this year (the mice and keyboard are already out).

This brings me to the point of this post. I bought a new cell phone with BT technology built in. I bought the Sony Ericsson T68i. The phone works with Apple’s iSync. This means that I can have my phone sitting in my pocket and as soon as I’m within 30 feet of my computer it syncs all of my calendars, contacts, etc. wirelessly. Yeah. Cool.

I also bought the CommuniCam as well, but plan on sending it back since it has no flash and is not a very good replacement for my Sony digital camera. I’ll probably pick one back up once more people have 3G service. One of the coolest features with ATT’s mLife service is that it has GPS searching. In other words you are standing on a corner and click “Find Resturants” and the service finds all resturants in the surrounding area. Yeah. Cool. The best feature that I’ve found thus far is that the phone accepts and sends cards flawlessly via IR to my current Palm Phone, the Samsung I300.

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