Some would call what I have a weblog. Others would call it a journal. And many many have called it a pile o’ dog doo. Whatever you call it there is a SLEW of awesome sites that contain GREAT content. In fact many have found their way into my regular browsing habits. Some I check before I check the news because I KNOW their commentary will be MUCH better than many of the idiots writing the new nowadays. Read on for a list of great sites.

Here are the sites I visit – in no particular order …

  • Debris.com – Intelligent commentary, never a dull link, and a dab of paranoia
  • Camworld – almost daily posts with at LEAST 3 interesting links. A big bonus for the LARGE list of interesting weblogs on the site.
  • Stephen VanDyke – Currently being redone so the posts are far and few between, but it’s one of the few sites I can consistently go to and laugh out loud at.
  • Now This – I just recently found this astonishing page. Tons if interesting commentary, daily posts, and other goodies.

Feel free to post links to other interesting places on the net 🙂

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