None of the Above

I admit it, I’m not a registered voter. There … I said it. Am I a total bastard for not registering, am I a horrible citizen, or are there underlying factors? Read on …

The real reason I haven’t bothered to register is two fold. The first reason is I really don’t have any complaints about local/state government – they tend to run themselves. The second is the elections in which I do care about (ie. Senate, President, etc.) are full of “no win” situations.

The last Presidential election was a perfect example – on one hand you have Al Gore. Mr. Gore may be an intelligent man, but the problem (as I saw it) was that he was weak and not capable of being able to play hardball on capital hill. On the other hand you have George W. Bush. Where do I start? First off he referred to Africa as a nation, second off (one word) Enron, and finally he shoots himself in the foot.

With the above candidates who the hell was I supposed to vote for? Well good ol’ Ralph Nadar has come up with a plan. The plan is basically to give the option of a binding “None of the Above” line on all ballots for state elections. Basically this means that you could vote “NOTA” and if that line recieved the “victory” those candidates would be taken off the ballot, a new election would be held, and the old candidates would not be allowed to run again.

BRILLIANT! I’d vote NOTA in just about every election, unless I felt passionately about someone (McCain are you listening?).

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